a Vision for the Greater Paris
Future research about the making of the Great Paris in 2030

An experimental project developed by LIID, attached to Institute ACTE (Sorbonne University),
awarded the Paris 2030 research grant (City of Paris)
in collaboration with Paris College of Art and emerging actors of the creative metropolis.
Creative Cities student workshop, Paris College of Art, 2012.

Within the framework of the “Cities of Tomorrow” program proposed by the Paris College of Art (ex-Parsons School Paris) to its international students in 2012, an ethno-sociological investigation was conducted (under the supervision of Magda Jarvin) on plots of land in the Greater Paris area. This field inquiry served as a basis for the conception of future scenarios and creative development programs for Paris Galaxies in 2030.

Download full analysis (abstract published in Collection review Issue #5 “Design, Art and Economy”, june 2013).

Following a method which designs a “conceptual portrait” of an urban area (outside Paris), the four workshops explored the real stakes for cities like Pantin, St Denis, Nanterre and Ivry, speculating on their immaterial and qualitative characteristics (positive and negative creative interpretation) and their potential as future creative cities.

These become the levers for a potential future program, but also for an authentic branding strategy where imagination echoes reality, bringing it towards a promising future, an extension of the creative-city approach developed by Charles Landry. By combining images, documentation, constructivist language and narratives to restore prospective visions, the students set the stage for the first “profiles” of future creative cities for Paris Galaxies.




All the research materials were then exhibited within the framework of the Paris Galaxies project in June 2012 in the PCA gallery during Designers Days and the International “Scaling Up” symposium (Design, Art, Economy), co-organized with the ACTE Institute (Art, Creation, Theory, Aesthetics) at La Sorbonne University.

Download full analysis (abstract published in Collection review Issue #5 “Design, Art and Economy”, june 2013).

A second series of Paris Galaxies future workshops took place at the Paris College of Art in the fall 2013, as part of the “Globalization and Sustainable Development” courses directed by Alice Peinado. See page dedicated.