a Vision for the Greater Paris
Future research about the making of the Great Paris in 2030

An experimental project developed by LIID, attached to Institute ACTE (Sorbonne University),
awarded the Paris 2030 research grant (City of Paris)
in collaboration with Paris College of Art and emerging actors of the creative metropolis.
“Scaling Up” Symposium, Designers’ Days, Paris, 2012

Beyond the visual and diagrammatic language that enables us to experiment other production methods and formats of knowledge, Paris Galaxies also develops “research-exhibitions” which offer the possibility of organizing, sharing and questioning differently the research contents.

Download full analysis (abstract published in Collection review Issue #5 “Design, Art and Economy”, june 2013).




The symposium “Scaling Up” (Design, Art, Economy) prepared by Professor Bernard Darras (ACTE Institute/Art-Creation-Theory-Esthetics, La Sorbonne) and Brigitte Borja de Mozotta (Director of Research and Design, Paris College of Art) during Designer’s Day 2012 enabled the implementation of the first research-exhibition.

Download symposium brochure

It featured Paris Galaxies’ logo and methodological map (planisphere), casting a light on the artistic roots of the project in PIIMS and LIID (Raphaële Bidault-Waddington’s two art laboratories) and a spatial presentation of all the materials produced during the workshops with the PCA students.





The exhibition offers the opportunity for real time analysis, opening the floor for collective discussion, and feeding from different points of view during the symposium.




The “Scaling Up” symposium showed how contemporary design (and art) practices are actually changing in scale and touching on more strategic and macro-systemic concerns among economists. New exchange platforms between disciplines are needed.

If today’s economy has become an “Intangible Economy” in the developed countries including France, it somehow needs to be reconnected to the territory in order to enhance, innovate and feed from the intangible, cognitive and creative capital of the city.

Through its experimental methodology that provides space to the intangible dimension of the city, Paris Galaxies demonstrates how creative research projects can contribute to this New Economy, and offer solutions for the representation and strategic monitoring of such complex issues.

Download full analysis (abstract published in Collection review Issue #5 “Design, Art and Economy”, june 2013).